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Choose Your Weapon Of Choice by Estruda
by Estruda

I like the versatilty of your kit; you seem to have a lot of different choices of weaponry, be it silent or full blown, balls-to-the-wa...

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Choose Your Weapon Of Choice by Estruda
I like the versatilty of your kit; you seem to have a lot of different choices of weaponry, be it silent or full blown, balls-to-the-wall gun action. You have a vast variety of calibers it looks like, so that means you would have to carry a lot of different ammo. I would choose weapons that have interchangeable ammo so you don't have to carry so much. From the picture it looks like you have a lot of ammo carrying capabilites from your mag pouches to the bullet holder pouches. I also like to see how you have all three ranges covered, too; you have your pistols for short range, your sub machine gun and what looks like a fully auto in the top left for short-to-mid range, and your rifle has a bayonet attached so you can cover all three ranges with it. All else fails, you have various grenades, as well. I think your well covered.


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United States
My name is William, and I live in Adairsville, Georgia. I work at a major retail chain as a ICS Associate, and I have to say I love my job and the company I work for. I am a college student currently in my last year of college for my Associates of Applied Science in Office and Business Technology. I want to go back after I complete this degree and get a second in Business Administration.

I enjoy doing a variety of things from window shopping at the mall to a good old game of tennis. A thing I enjoy doing a lot is going to bookstores and flea markets. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy seeing the variety of different products and doo-dads available at the flea markets. My family and I go to a lot of car shows, but lately I haven’t been able to go to them because of work. I like comedy movies because I think laughter is a cure to everything. I do NOT like scary movies and I won’t watch any movie I think will have any of that in it. I also enjoy playing video games, be it board, card, Playstation, or Xbox.

I think that Art is an amazing creation and, even though I have been here on DA for a few years, I haven't really got involved in the community and posting as much as I would like.

Current Residence: Georgia
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Foghorn Leghorn
Personal Quote: I live my life a quarter mile at a time... for those few seconds, I'm free
Name: Alexander Thomas Nightshade
Race: Feline ( housecat )
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 180 lbs.
Fur Color: White and black
Eye Color: Blue
Distinguishing Features: left ear piercing (hoop); silver rimmed glasses; his tail has a black tip
History: Alexander was born to a single mother- his father died in service to the armed forces- and grew up very close to her while he tried to be strong to fill his father's vacant shoes. He did everything he could to please her and get her praise. Even at the age of fourteen, he spent most of his time outside of school alone in their apartment, waiting for his mother to return home. His mother was a housekeeper, whose boss kept her late after dark, but even though she was always exhausted, she found the time to be with her excited son and cook him delicious meals. One day, he found her books in his mother's bedroom and began to read, not realizing until later that they were harlequin romance novels and quickly devoured the romantic adventures and sultry women. Once he finished with her books, he moved onto the school library and any other books he could get his hands on. When he was sixteen, his mother died in the cold of winter from a bout of pneumonia. Left alone, he took his mother's job, dropped out of high school, and was forced to grow into a man at such a young age. It wasn't until he was twenty did he discover the Marines recruitment center- the same branch his father died for- and joined up as soon as he could. After two tours in Afghanistan, he returned home and began to write a book based on his experiences in the war.
Clothes: He wears black dress pants, a white button down t-shirt ( usually open ), goes bare pawed unless he's in public then he wears tennis shoes. When he is at work, he trades in his casual clothes for a simple black t-shirt and khaki shorts with bare paws.
Medical: He was shot once in his left hip during one of his tours in Afghanistan and sometimes it acts up and it pains him mostly in the winter when it's cold. He doesn't get sick easily, but when he does, it hits him hard and he has to stay indoors until it passes. His body is in great shape from his training and he works out from time to time if he can find the free time.
Employment: Ever since he's returned from his tours he's been working mostly on his book, but he works part time as a self-defense instructor at a local gun range.
Religion: From his experiences he has seen in the tours of war he has been through he has been thinking whether or not there is a god. His mother prayed every night and he had followed her example, but he was always curious about God's existence.
Quirks: He keeps a pistol near at hand in the nightstand drawer by his bed, he has nightmares every now and then about the war, he fiddles with his dog tags when he thinks

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